How I Came to Teach Dog Training

How I Came to Teach Dog Training

My family got a dog in August and I was born in November. She was a Sprocker and her name was Gyspy. My dad want her for a hunting dog. That is another story about how Gypsy came to be a hunting dog.

When I was about four years old I know then I wanted to be dog trainer. After Gypsy had gone we got an Irish Terrier name Rusty. I started to show him even though he had his Championship, I get the show bug.

I then I got an Irish Terrier puppy named Chipper and showed him in conformation and obedience. He got his championship at 16 months of age and his CD (companion dog). At the age of 19 month of age. 

After Chipper had gone I got a rescue Bouvier (6 years old) named Salvador. I did obedience training with all these dogs and loved it.

As I got older the dog trainer went on the back burner because there were no courses near me, and it was too expensive to go to a course.

In the 2000s more and more dog training courses became available online.

In 2016, I took a course online form FernDog Training. I then started my dog training business called Good Calm Dog Training. I found his method of training boring and so did my students and their dogs.

 I started looking for a different  method of training and in 2017 I found ProDog Trainer in the UK. They train dogs with fun games. I took their course online.

I tried this type of training on my dog first who was a rescue Lagotto Romagnolo named Pia and she is now 13 and still love to play games.

She was 5 when I got her which got her from my ex-landlord who wanted her for detection work. He asked me to foster her for awhile, until he wanted to see if she was good enough for detection work. When we took her out to see if she had what it took to be a detection dog. He throughout a Kong as he always did for training his detection dogs. Pia just stood there and did move He told me she did have what it took to be a detection dog which was fortunate for me because I ended up with this $4000 dog.  

In my opinion I think would have make a great detection dog since she loves to play scent games and playing fetch with a ball.

Since I started playing the games with her before I tried it on other dog owners and their dogs. She knew all her Basic Obedience and the games made her even more obedient. I'm now Sexier Than the Squirrel which is one course that you can take called Sexier Than the Squirrel 25-Day Challenge. 

She loves playing then different games even though she is now 13 years old.

I then started to set up classes and training dog owners to train their dogs with playing games, and they loved it. They to love the games and being Sexier Than the Squirrel.